who is draxtor?

Via draxtor...and media for all, award-winning producer Bernhard Drax & team offer audio/video magic for - among others too - the virtual reality platform Second Life.

Click above & meet up: open office hours are weekdays between 11am - 1pm PDT.

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@benz145 @1920sberlin @RtoVR they/us got goggles but we got/made world ;)
- Friday Aug 29 - 10:29pm

@benz145 @1920sberlin @RtoVR next time INSIDE a Virtual World perhaps even. I hear SL has even spatial sound these days ;)
- Friday Aug 29 - 10:16pm

watching Roger Corman's "The Intruder" from 1962 and it feels like it could have been made yesterday! https://t.co/zzt5weUlma #ferguson
- Friday Aug 29 - 10:11pm

@Valerie_Wire @shineglobal @asvpART looking forward to sharing awesomeness of user-created #VR in #secondlife and how it reverberates in RL
- Friday Aug 29 - 6:05pm