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Via draxtor...and media for all, award-winning producer Bernhard Drax & team offer audio/video magic for - among others too - the virtual reality platform Second Life.

Click above & meet up: open office hours are weekdays between 11am - 1pm PDT.

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RT @Bipartisanism: The #TexasFlood should remind everyone that both Texas senators voted against disaster relief funding. #TedCruz http://t…
- Tuesday May 26 - 11:53pm

America discussing the death penalty on @drshow - insane! Any Euro friends listening to this would bang heads against any number of walls
- Tuesday May 26 - 6:57pm

@Unimersiv continuing the revolution that started in #secondlife
- Tuesday May 26 - 3:58pm

RT @Unimersiv: Using the Oculus Rift to revolutionize Education https://t.co/RWv6Ck1mBr #virtualreality via @Unimersiv #vr #education
- Tuesday May 26 - 3:57pm