who is draxtor?

Via draxtor...and media for all, award-winning producer Bernhard Drax & team offer audio/video magic for - among others too - the virtual reality platform Second Life.

Click above & meet up: open office hours are weekdays between 11am - 1pm PDT.

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@tishcoronet @torley @strawberrysingh I am alternating at my dad's BDay party! #berryspotting http://t.co/PxFMTPRSds
- Tuesday Aug 4 - 7:28pm

@LisaBloom shot a fun ad for #secondlife mobile there once = https://t.co/meXjqZ3Uay - from home to Big Sur = 20 min.... :)
- Tuesday Aug 4 - 3:34pm

@tishcoronet @torley @strawberrysingh I am like a dog with too many squirrels to choose from I guess....
- Tuesday Aug 4 - 1:58pm

@freelancersu fabulous post!
- Tuesday Aug 4 - 1:57pm