who is draxtor?

Via draxtor...and media for all, award-winning producer Bernhard Drax & team offer audio/video magic for - among others too - the virtual reality platform Second Life.

Click above & meet up: open office hours are weekdays between 11am - 1pm PDT.

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@TeragErshtan @OnLive oh yes you should comment. He does read them all ;)
- Saturday Oct 25 - 2:05pm

@eirepreneur yes the special "smash-all-stereotypes-about-SL-under-92-seconds" trailer hihihihi :)
- Friday Oct 24 - 8:46pm

@TeragErshtan @OnLive Dennis is answering on the blog http://t.co/LkzkRfem3E
- Friday Oct 24 - 5:26pm

hoverboarding in #VR? #beentheredonethat #SecondLife http://t.co/ZQmqVNDXQw http://t.co/Ejo29DKoPc
- Friday Oct 24 - 5:04pm